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Totesport deserve a lot of praise for thinking outside the box and providing an online betting website that is different to competitors in the market. Totesport is different to other online bookmakers in a number of ways.

The website does not have a welcome page and just jumps straight into the heart of the action. This is good because it presumes the majority of visitors to the website are experienced with betting.

There is a huge banner at the top of the screen, which details free bets and introductory offers to new customers.

This is good because it’s hard not to notice and will stop most new gamblers to the website from clicking away within a few seconds of visiting. Totesport lists the main sporting events for a day down the middle of the website. It’s clear the website is all about odds and the company doesn’t display any surplus information to hide value in particular bets. The lay out for horse racing events is exactly the same as would be seen inside a newspaper like The Racing Post.

Most importantly the website does not shy away from providing all of the key terms and information that both new and experienced gamblers will need to try and earn money in a safe environment. Terms and conditions as well as support phone numbers for the bookmaker are all clearly displayed at the foot of the page. There are also suggestions for different sections of support that will save a lot of time on the phone if a customer has a problem.

User control is very easy and the important account and bet slip functions are easy to find and see near the top of the page. This makes it very easy for a customer to control their betting and cash flow.

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Totesport Information - How to claim your free Totesport bet!

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