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Sporting Index was formed in April 1992 to specialise in sports spread betting. Today, we are the clear leaders in this sector, having captured over 50% of the market. The ever-increasing popularity of sports spread betting has led to widespread recognition of the fact that Sporting Index provides a yardstick for others to follow. This is borne out by the frequent references the media make to Sporting Index’s markets and prices.

In November 1996, ‘Sporting Index Shield’ was created to offer small-stake spread-betting with limited risk. A Sporting Index Shield account is ideal for those new to the concept of spread betting In February 1998,’Tote Sporting Index’ was created by a joint venture with the Tote, offering Tote Credit clients the opportunity to spread bet. Sporting Index prices can be found in Tote Credit office on race-courses around the country. In July 2001, Sporting Index launched, the first truly ‘live’ interactive on-line sports spread betting service. It is reassuring to know that Sporting Index is regulated by the FSA (Financial Services Authority).

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