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Ladbrokes is one of the few high street bookmakers that has been forced into creating a website because of the competition from online bookmakers across the country.

Ladbrokes as well as their Ladbrokes free bets are a well known brand and company, which is instantly recognisable for a blood red background and pure white letters and its free bet available to customers.

The website conforms to this image perfectly and it makes for a very appealing and basic welcome page. Ladbrokes has not set the pace in online bookmaking but the website doesn’t try anything flash and copies the welcome pages that are seen with the majority of online gambling sites. Sports betting, online casino, online poker and more are all clearly displayed with free bet or sum offers to new customers. To keep things very basic, the in play live betting section of the sports page has been moved over to the right hand side. However, the ‘live box’ displays all live events and provides links to watch these events with Ladbrokes TV.

The main bulk of the sports page is filled with the most popular sports that aren’t taking place but are taking the most cash. This makes popular sports easy to find and bets can be placed without even having to go into the page for a specific sport. User controls on this website are brilliant.

The betslip is so basic that any gambling novice can understand it. A total stake box is clearly displayed with large text that will stop any customer from risking more than they can afford or is necessary. The website hasn’t wasted a lot of time creating an elaborate information and support section. Instead two phone numbers are listed, which will point any customer with a problem in the right direction.

Ladbrokes is a popular brand of bookmaker that has done a very good job with a thorough online betting website.

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