Foxy Bingo

Foxy Bingo is one of the UK’s most rapidly developing gambling websites offering a unique experience to customers from all backgrounds.

One of the best things about this website is the big welcome bonus of £20 that is offered for doing absolutely nothing. This is more than enough for new customers to become hooked on playing the various games that Foxy Bingo has to offer.

The website has been well designed with fun and entertainment promoted as the main messages. The main tabs, which lead to relevant sections of the website, are all listed across the top of the page.

Foxy Bingo doesn’t just offer bingo as the main game. There is also the chance to play some classic casino games and there is a very comprehensive slots section. This means there is still something for customers to be playing if they get a little tired of repetitive bingo action.

The help section provides contact details that customers can use if they feel they have a problem with their account. There are also links to different bingo versions and terms that will allow bingo novices to grow familiar with what’s going on before they start parting with their hard earned cash.

Foxy Bingo also does very well in terms of the section about responsible gambling. Clicking the tab at the base of the screen opens up a web page with detailed information and links on everything from addictive gambling to the secure software the website uses to process payments.

User controls are not too dissimilar to those found on the majority of sports betting, poker and casino websites with the ability to change passwords, user names and deposit limits. This all adds to a feeling of security, which allows customers to enjoy the website for the games and nothing else.

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