Betfair Poker

Betfair has grown in popularity over the last two to three years and is now commonly known as the people’s bookmaking company.

Betfair does not deal with middle men as many online bookmakers do and this means the company has more cash free to spend on customers. Betfair offers a staggering sign up bonus for potential new poker customers. This amounts to $2,500 based on an initial deposit.

This is more than enough cash for a new customer to build a healthy bank balance without having to risk much of their own capital. This will increase the confidence of customers looking to play some poker online but without the worry.

Betfair poker can be played in two different ways. The first version is the classic desktop download, which allows customers to log in and play Betfair poker without having to open up their internet browser. This version also offers better graphics.

The second version can be played through any internet browser. The main advantage of this is speed but the experience will be muted because some of the three dimensional graphics are only available through the desktop client.

Different categories of Betfair poker are listed down the left of the page. A good addition is the ‘How to Play’ section, which offers tips and advice for different versions of poker.

The user controls in Betfair poker games are standard such as the ability to set deposit limits, change stakes and tables in the middle of playing and the ability to change user name.

There is also a very positive message about responsible gambling. The help section of the website even offers and advice line for anyone who may fear they’re developing a gambling addiction. There are also external links to the main and official websites on the topic.

"Betfair Poker is quite simply one of the best with bonuses to suit all budgets and skill levels!"

Betfair Poker Information - How to pick up free poker chips!

  • 3 Levels of bonus from $50 to $2500! Click GO for more details!

  • A great poker room from one of the UK's most well known gaming firms

  • Satellites and a varied range of bonuses make this a must sign up!


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