Bet365 Poker

Bet365 has surged in popularity of the last three years and now boasts one of the best online poker experiences in the world.

Poker has been rapidly developing as leisure and as a profession and bookmakers have spent millions on thorough and professional websites to ensure the best possible experience for every customer.

Bet365 wastes no time in trying to draw in new customers to the company and the brand. There is a welcome bonus of up to $500 based on an initial deposit that new customers can use on the low stakes tables in order to build up their account balance.

The basics of the website are very simple. For the best experience it’s advisable to download a desktop client and log in. Table limits, type of poker and poker room can all be selected at the user’s discretion, which means customers have complete control over where they go and play poker.

There is a beginner’s guide for any new customer who isn’t experienced in the different forms of poker. There are also strategy tips, which can stop that initial deposit from being wasted quickly.

Promotions and tournaments are run regularly that allow a rest from the regularity of playing in the same environment. There is also a poker league on Bet365 poker with a top prize of $50,000 up for grabs.

Support is fast and simple because there aren’t so many variations and problems for Bet365 poker to deal with. E-mail addresses, phone numbers and a live chat facility are all available for customers to use if they are experiencing a problem with the website.

Bet365 poker also likes customers to behave in a responsible and reasonable way while they play poker through the site. Messages about responsible gambling appear at the right time and there is a wealth of information on the subject and links to other websites.

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