Betfred Casino

Betfred is one of the UK’s biggest bookmaking chains with a number of high street stores dotted all over the country.

The Betfred casino doesn’t waste time on over elaborate graphics or the promise of the best games on the online market. However, the company offers the biggest welcome bonus available to new customers.

This bonus currently sits at £500, which is based around an initial deposit by the customer. However, this money can be spent in any way that the customer sees fit and it becomes readily available after a first deposit into a new account.

There are three different ways that customers can approach this casino; download version, instant version and live version. The download version can be put on any Windows or Apple computer and is quickly accessible. The instant casino allows customers to play online and the live version allows customers to compete against each other.

The variety of casino games can be accessed via the list on the left of the page. A list of games is a little more difficult to find than on other websites but Betfred casino still has all of the regulars and most popular casino games.

A live help facility is available to customers at all times. A customer can phone up the company to talk to someone from Betfred casino or there is the option to talk online. Both are remarkably helpful and the online chat version is a lot quicker than a lot of customers will think.

Betfred casino user controls are similar to every other online casino. Customers can apply restrictions or ask for restrictions to be applied to their account, which will stop more than a specific amount of money from going into their account each day. There are also various betting limits in games.

"Everyone loves Rocky, and everyone loves something for free, and £500 sounds like it'll pay for the new MOT on the Betmobile!"

Betfred Casino Information - How to claim your free £500!

  • A huge bonus from a well known UK favourite!

  • Play some fantastic games including Rocky, Pink Panther and the Punisher!

  • Regular jackpots of up to £2m!


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