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Betfair is a very interesting online bookmaker with a very interesting website. What makes Betfair so interesting is that it is run by fans betting against each other as opposed to having market decided odds. The home page of the website is very basic and simple, which will appeal to new customers. Various sections of the website are clearly displayed and the process of signing up to get a free bet and a basic account seems very easy.

Once inside the website, the main lay out of each sports page can seem a little confusing. Odds are instantly displayed in decimal points. This can be changed but the point is that it may put new customers off who will click off of the website in frustration. Another negative feature of the bookmaker is that odds for football matches and other sporting events don’t instantly change according to patterns in the Betfair market. The user is expected to click a fresh button, which displays the latest odds.

There is a live in play betting window but unless this is being used the odds need to be updated manually. The main advantage of using this website is that some odds will be much longer than a customer can find using a mainstream online bookmaker.

This is because the odds are based purely on how much money is being laid on one team or possibility. There is a live video feed on the Betfair website, which is very easy to use and very appealing. This allows customers to view a variety of different events that cannot be accessed via normal television channels. Betfair will be confusing to an inexperienced gambler. The website accepts this as part of the uniqueness it has created.

There is a video on the Sports page, which explains how the website works but over all Betfair does exactly what its name suggests.

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